How to Send Free Animated Text Messages

By Nicole Byerly

Animated text messages can be sent from your computer to any cell phone.
i cell phone in macro image by Alexey Klementiev from <a href=''></a>

You can find many images and animated files on the Internet, and you can put these files on your cell phone for use in text messages. Sending the animated file from your computer to any cell phone can be accomplished quickly and easily.

Step 1

Save the animated GIF you want to sent to your cell phone on your computer and note the location.

Step 2

Go to a website that allows you to send files to cell phones via text messaging (see Resources).

Step 3

Select the option to send via a multimedia messaging service (MMS) by clicking on the "MMS" button or option.

Step 4

Type all 10 digits of the recipient's phone number in the appropriate box.

Step 5

Click the "Upload Image" option; a pop-up search box will ask you to select a file. Browse through your computer files and select the animated image you want to send; click "OK" to upload it.

Step 6

Click the "Send" button below the image box.