How to Sell Used Audio Books

By V. L. Hamlin

Sell your used audio books online at and make extra cash while cleaning up your clutter. Busy people love audio books because they allow them to listen to a story while they are working, driving or doing other activities. Learn how to sell used audio books below.

Go to the Amazon homepage.

Scroll toward the middle and click on "Sell Your Stuff."

Select "Books" from the product categories available.

Type the ISBN number or keyword for your audio book into the offered space and then click "Start Selling."

Scroll through the items available until you find the audio book you have to sell.

Click on "Sell Yours Here."

Select the condition of your product and add additional comments about the audio book. Be sure to include any information, such as scratches on the CD or the condition of the case, and then click on "Continue."

Enter the price you are charging for the audio book, the quantity you have and how you plan to ship the product.

Review the information you have entered, and click "Submit Your Listing."