How to Sell Satellite TV

By Kristan Hart

Promote packages available through satellite.
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Satellite TV can help bring movies, comedies, dramas and TV shows into the homes of customers. To accomplish that, each satellite company hires a sales team to help promote packages and increase sales for the company. If you want to learn how to sell satellite TV, you need to familiarize yourself with the promotions available through the satellite companies.

Familiarize yourself with the latest specials available through the company. Major satellite companies will often try to entice new customers with free movie channels for a limited time or maybe even free installation.

Remember that local channels are an option with satellite. One downside to satellite television in the past was that local channels were not available through satellite companies. However, local channels are now available in every market for a small fee.

Find sports fans and let them know about the exclusive sports packages available. Satellite companies offer special sports packages for purchase, allowing sports fan to have access to every game of the season. Satellite also offers pay-per-view events for sporting events that are unavailable to cable customers.

Persuade with the power of free. Satellite television does require more equipment than cable television does, because a satellite dish is required. However, many major satellite companies offer free equipment for the average residence. If the customer requires satellite in more than six rooms, expect there will be an equipment charge.

Tell customers that they can record their favorite shows and even pause live television with a DVR, which is available at no extra charge from satellite companies.

Tout the high-definition availability offered through satellite. In fact, satellite companies offer more high-definition programming than cable. The customer must pay a small fee for high-definition packages.

Keep customers with the option of free upgrades. Instead of charging you down the line if you want to upgrade your programming package, satellite television offers free upgrades for existing customers.

Get down to the bottom line. Satellite offers television services that are cheaper than cable television, ultimately providing the customer with more options for less money.