How to Sell on eBay Without a Bank Account (6 Steps)

By Louise Balle

Before you sell on eBay, the company has to verify your identity. In many cases, a seller can become verified with a bank account but not every person is eligible to open an account at a standard bank. If this is your situation, you may be able to become an eBay seller with another common piece of identification.

Step 1

Click "Sell an Item" on the "Sell" eBay main menu at the top of the screen to start the process. Click "list your item" then "Register" to initiate your account.

Step 2

Enter your name and contact information, including mailing and email address. Enter a user name and password and confirm that you're over 18. Review the eBay User Agreement and Privacy Policy before continuing with your application.

Step 3

Confirm your account via email and then enter your credit card information when prompted to verify your identity.

Step 4

Click the "Account" tab on the "My eBay" tab to modify your automatic payment method. Click "Payment methods for Seller Fees" to change the payment method to a credit card for covering your seller fees. Enter your card number again if requested.

Step 5

Apply for a PayPal Plus Credit Card or Buyer Credit--look for the "Plus Card" link on your account screen. If approved, this will allow you to verify your PayPal account to receive payments from customers. Apply for a PayPal debit card when approved as well so that you can withdraw your earnings from eBay.

Step 6

Return to your eBay account and click "PayPal Account" on the main menu. Select "Link My PayPal Account" to connect your eBay and PayPal accounts to get started selling items on eBay.