How to Sell a Book in Kindle Format

by Nancy Hendrickson

If you don't know how to get started in the book publishing industry, a good place to start is Kindle Direct Publishing on the website. You can now re-purpose your digital documents and sell them in Amazon's Kindle Store -- even without an International Standard Book Number, or ISBN. Writers who want to promote themselves, make money or become publishers can upload books to the store. All they need is a free Amazon account.


Launch your Internet browser and go to the Kindle Direct Publishing website. If you don't already have an account, click the "Sign-Up" button. During the sign-up process, you'll be asked to provide a working email address, your physical address and payment information. The agreement gives Amazon the right to promote your product by making chapters or portions of your titles available to prospective customers without charge. This means interested buyers can get a free sample of your work.


Sign into the Dashboard and begin publishing your content. From the Dashboard, select the "Bookshelf" tab at the top.


Choose "Add New Title."


Add details about your book. Type in the title of your book, a series title, a volume, a language, a publisher, publishing rights, a target audience, a book cover image and the contents of your book.


Click the "Save and Continue."


Set a price for your book. Kindle book prices range anywhere from $.99 up to $200 or more. The price you set is determined by you. The only requirement Amazon has about pricing is that the price you set must be consistent with the price you set for this book with other retailers. You will receive 35 percent of the suggested retail price of each book sold.


Click the "Publish" button to move your book from Draft to Live mode. It can take Amazon anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to make your book available in the Kindle store. Be sure to add links to your Kindle book from your website or blog, as well as add links to your email signature.


  • check Add a cover page to your document that includes your name, email address and your website.
  • check Be certain your document has a copyright notice.
  • check An electronic document is an excellent place to promote your other work, so add a bio page with links to your other Kindle (or non-Kindle) titles.


  • close Kindle can only display images with four shades of gray. If you want pictures in your document, they need to be optimized for the Kindle.

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