How to See Replies on Twitter

by Melissa King
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Twitter is a social networking site that allows users to frequently update one another on their thoughts, lives and almost anything else. Twitter uses "@replies" to let users quickly reply to a statement or question left by someone else. These replies begin with the "@" sign followed by the intended recipient of the reply. By default, you automatically see replies that are directed to you. If you want to see replies that were sent to other users, you must first search for their user name.

Step 1

Navigate to the Twitter website, then click on the "Search" button. Alternatively, go directly to the search page by navigating to ""

Step 2

Type the "@" symbol into the search bar, followed by the user name of the person whose replies you want to view.

Click "Search." All replies that have been sent to that user are shown to you.


  • You cannot see replies for users who you are not following if they have made their account private.


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