How to See Archived Messages on Facebook

by Irene A. Blake

Whenever you store a chat conversation or private message on Facebook using the archive feature, the site removes it from the Messages Inbox and Other sections and transfers it to a separate Archived section. Finding and accessing this section can be a bit tricky because Facebook doesn’t display the section link title beside the “Inbox” or “Other" link titles. The Messages screen design isn't wide enough to display all titles. Instead, to see archived messages, you need to access a drop-down list that provides additional options.

Step 1

Go to your Facebook Home screen and click the “Messages” option in the Favorites section to open the Messages screen. Facebook automatically displays your chat conversation history and private messages in a list format by date below the Search field.

Step 2

Click “More” located above the right side of the Search field and select “Archived” from the drop-down menu. Facebook switches the list of non-archived messages to a list of archived messages.

Select any archived message in the list to open and read it in the center of the Messages screen.


  • To reply to an archived message, type the reply in the “Write a Reply…” box below the message and then click the “Reply” button.
  • To add a document or photo file to an archived message, write a message to the other Facebook user explaining why you’re attaching a file or photo and click the “Add Files” or “Add Photos” icon below the Write a Reply box. Select a saved file, click “Open” when prompted and then click “Reply” to send the message.


  • Facebook doesn’t allow you to write a reply if someone you’ve previously conversed with has a disabled account or privacy setting that doesn't permit replies.
  • Facebook doesn’t record video chats for archiving purposes. Instead, you can only see the dates of video chat calls you’ve made or received via the service.
  • Information in this article applies to Facebook as of August 2013.

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