How to Find Secrets About People You Know

By John Mitchell

You can be an online detective with the right tools.
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Increasing people are trusting their personal information to social networking websites, not knowing the information they provide may live on somewhere on the Internet. For example, people search engines that include Pipl and Spokeo keep detailed information about millions of online users. With the right determination and online tools, you can uncover previously unknown facts about people you know.

Keep a journal, electronically or on paper in a notebook. You will record the information, facts and secrets you learn about people you know in this journal.

Use a people search engine to begin your search. The search engines will return a page of results based on a person's name. Many times old social networking profiles show up in the list. Browse through the results, which is more difficult with common names.

Review the social network profiles for information. People sometimes post messages to their MySpace, Facebook and Twitter accounts while in an emotional state, later forgetting they posted that message. For example, Twitter retains a copy of every public message posted, even if the person deleted it. You might find a juicy secret someone meant to cover up.

Perform a background check on the person. Many websites advertise services to perform basic to highly detailed background checks on people. Most services charge a fee, so be prepared to shell out cash if you use this method.

Search for the person's name in local court records. State, county and city courts are starting to make their court records public knowledge via the Internet. Some state court systems let you search multiple counties at one time for a person's name. If you find a match, then you can get the basic details about the court case, possibly giving you new information in your search.