How to Search for YouTube Users by Email

By Richard Bashara

You do not need a Gmail address to sign up for YouTube.
i Ethan Miller/Getty Images News/Getty Images

YouTube and Google now use Google+ profiles, if a user wishes to do so, making it simple to find someone by his or her email address. These profiles showcase a user’s real name and provide a news feed similar to Facebook or Twitter. Searching for a user's email address can uncover YouTube videos he or she has watched, liked or uploaded.

Step 1

Open Google, and perform a search for the email address you want to find.

Step 2

Click on that user’s Google+ profile from the search results page.

Step 3

Click on “YouTube” from that user’s Google+ profile to be taken to his or her YouTube profile. You will still see some of the navigation from Google+ above that user’s YouTube profile information.