How to Search YouTube by Date

By Kevin Lee

Search filters help you discover new YouTube videos posted within the hour.
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Learn to use search filters effectively and you can save time while increasing productivity. If you search for a broad topic on YouTube, such as “politics,” you may wind up with hundreds or thousands of videos to review. But if you have a specific date range in mind, you can apply a date filter to your query and limit your results to a specific time period. You can do that from YouTube or from Google's regular search page.

Search from YouTube

Step 1

Visit YouTube and enter a search query in the search box. YouTube returns a list of results that match your query.

Step 2

Click the "Filters" drop-down box and review the list of filtering options in the Updated Date section. These items include "This Week," "Today" and "Last Hour."

Step 3

Click the option you'd like to use to filter the results. YouTube narrows the list and displays videos within the time range you selected. It also adds a new button next to the drop-down menu. For instance, if you choose the "This Week" filter, you'll see a "This Week" button. When you want to cancel the filter, click that button and YouTube will display your original results list.

Search from Google

Step 1

Visit the Google search page and type "[My_Query]" (without the brackets or quotation marks).

Replace "My_Query" with your own query. For instance, if you want to find videos about cameras, type "cameras"

Step 2

Press "Enter" to view a list of results. The "" parameter tells Google to only return results from YouTube.

Step 3

Click "Search Tools" and then click "Any Time" to view a list of date filtering options. These options include "Past 24 hours" and "Past Year."

Step 4

Click an option to filter the results. Click one of the results to visit YouTube and view your video.