How to Search Windows Live Profiles

By Mitch Covert

All contacts are searchable on the Windows Live website.
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Windows Live is an extension of MSN and offers a package of free and useful software for Windows users. The "Live Essentials" package includes applications such as Writer, Messenger, Mail, and Photo Gallery. Windows Live allows you to register an account to use with these applications, which makes it easy to manage and share your files. All the Windows Live profiles/contacts are searchable on the Windows Live page. There are a few different ways to search for contacts that are outlined in these steps. However, profiles that have been set to private will not show up in search results.

Head to the contact search page via the URL located in the "References" section of this article.

Type the name of the contact in the "bing" search bar in the top-middle of the page, then click the magnifying glass button. A list of related profiles will be displayed.

Click on any of the multiple options under the "Advanced Search" heading to narrow down your search. You can even search by categories like interests and employment.