How to Search Resumes On Monster

By Editorial Team

Updated July 21, 2017

Whether you are an employer seeking qualified candidates or a peer looking to network with other colleagues, you can search resumes on Monster to find what you're looking for. The process is quick and easy and allows you to search resumes from all over the world and in every job category imaginable.

Search for Resumes

Visit the Monster home page (see Resources below) and click the link titled "Search resumes."

Enter the Monster employer site.

Click the "Search or Buy Resumes" button to begin your online search for job candidates in your field.

Pick the pricing package you wish to purchase based on the location of candidates in a certain mile radius as well as how many resumes you wish to view.

Enter your local zip code for your company. This will serve as the center of the radius within your search area.

Review your order based on your selections. Here, you will see your total charges prior to making any payment. If everything is correct, click on the "Checkout" button.

Fill out your account information as requested, including company name, address, phone number and payment information.

View Resumes and Select Candidates

Click "Buy Now" to view actual resumes.

Select the "Resume Search" option that fits your criteria.

Choose among available resumes and contact applicants using provided information.


There is a fee associated with buying resumes online through Monster. However, you can click the link to "Take a free test drive" on the Monster employment page to view the process for no charge. In this test drive, you can search resumes based on chosen employee qualifications, see summaries of actual resumes from Monster job seekers, view the total number of resumes that fit your criteria and see sample resume.


If you are viewing peer resumes or summaries on Monster, take care not to copy the information of colleagues. Especially within the same industry, you may apply for the same job and be accused of plagiarism that could affect your potential job. Keep your resume safe with Monster's resume safety tips (see Resources below). For advice on how to spot a great resume, visit the Monster Career Advice Center (see Resources below).