How to Search Registered Names

By Erin McManaway

You can search online for available domain names.
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Choosing the right domain name for your website is a part of branding your product, service or organization on the Internet. Before you can register a domain name, you must know if the domain is available to purchase. You can find information about domain names, their availability and who owns currently registered names on websites made specifically to search registered domain names.

Go to a domain-name-lookup website, such as, Network Solutions or, where you can search registered domain names.

Enter the domain name for which you would like to search in the text box on the website and press the "Enter" key. Some websites may allow you to search for all top-level domains based on the keywords.

Review the information given about the domain name for which you searched. Depending on the website, it will show you the top-level domains that are still available, as well as the domains that are already registered. It will also show contact information for the domain names.

Repeat this process with all domains you would like to search. You can then choose a domain that is available or use the contact information to contact the current owner of a domain to see if he or she is willing to sell the name.