How to Search for People in Your ZIP Code on Facebook

By Aramenta Waithe

Search Facebook users by location.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you are a user of the social networking website Facebook, you may have noticed that the website has many tools allowing you to search for Facebook members that you know through your email contact lists or by connecting you through mutual friends. However, these tools may not help you locate the person you want if you do not have their email address or simply want to meet new people who live nearby. If searching through your email contact lists or mutual friends does not help you locate the person you want to meet on Facebook, try searching by the city name or ZIP code instead.

Step 1

Browse to Enter your email address and password to view the main control panel for your profile.

Step 2

Click "Find Friends" next to "Account" in the menu area located on the upper-right corner of the Facebook control panel page.

Step 3

Scroll down and click the "Find Friends" link next to "Other Tools."

Step 4

Click "Find Friends, Classmates and Coworkers."

Step 5

Click inside the "Current City" box, and type the city name that you would like to search in. If you have the ZIP code and do not know the city name, type the ZIP code using an Internet search engine to obtain the city name. As you type the city name, a search box opens. When you see the name of the city on the search result list, click it. The main area of the window shows thumbnail images of random Facebook users in the selected city. As you scroll to the bottom of the window, new thumbnail images are added.

Step 6

Click "Add as Friend" to send a friend request to a person in the selected city.