How to Search for People by Age & Location

by Alexandra Bee
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If you're looking for an old friend or classmate based on where they live and their ages, use people search directories or the social networks you belong to. Some websites let you see more data and information than others, so check various websites for the most accurate search results.

Search by Location

Step 1

Open your computer's Internet browser to visit a free, credible people-searching website (see References).

Step 2

Locate the "Search" tool on the website for finding people by location.

Fill in all of the information you have about the person or people you are looking for. Enter information about the state, city, and ZIP code. Search for people by entering first or last names, or both. Click "Enter" or "Search" to begin searching the website's directory for matches. Allow the website to process the data, which can take a few minutes, depending on the size of the database. Browse the search results when it is complete for the people or person you are looking for.

Search by Age

Step 1

Browse a popular social network you belong to. Log in to the network.

Step 2

Click "Browse" or "Search" to look through the community of profiles and users.

Step 3

Enter any preferences and details to find better results when looking for people using the website's search tools. Enter the age range. You can set a minimum age and a maximum age.

Select "Search" to search the website's directory with your selections and age preferences.


  • You also may be able to search by age using people search websites, because each people search tool varies in features and ability. The more popular free people search websites did not offer this feature as of 2010.


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