How to Search for Images in Google

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With Google search, you can search for images from across the 'Net. You can focus your search depending upon the size of the image, file types, coloration or domain, and even block explicit images using Safe Search. Here's how.

Go to the Google search page and click on the images link above the search box.

Enter the keyword in the search box, and click on search or hit return.

Refine your search with the Advanced Image Search feature. Click on the Advanced Image Search link beside the Image search box.

Choose from the search options. You can have your results related to all the keywords, related to an exact phrase, related to any of the keywords or not related to any of the keywords.

Choose the size of the images you want to find. You can choose between large, small and medium. Alternatively, you can key in your keywords on the Google Image Search page and then specify the size from a drop-down menu on top of the results page.

Choose the specific file type, if any, of the images for which you're looking. You can choose from JPG, GIF and PNG formats.

Choose the specific coloration pattern, if any, for your search. It could be black and white, grayscale or full color.

Specify a specific domain, if any, from which to search the images.

Specify the level of filtering you want from the Safe Search filters. No filtering means that your search results would yield all types of images. Moderate filtering keeps explicit adult images out of the results and strict filtering keeps explicit adult images as well as text out of the results.

Click on the Google Search button. Google will list the search results.

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