How to Search Emails on an iPhone

by Spanner Spencer
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The iPhone is a touchscreen-controlled, multimedia-equipped smart phone designed and manufactured by Apple. The iPhone allows Internet access through Wi-Fi and cellular data network services, allowing web browsing and email to be accessed directly from the device. The 3.0 firmware update delivered a new function known as the "Spotlight Search," which allows fast and simple searching through all the iPhone's content, including email folders. Searches can also be performed solely within the email client's individual folders.

Email Client

Step 1

Launch the iPhone's email application by tapping the "Mail" icon.

Step 2

Open the folder you want to search, such as "Inbox" or "Sent." Place your finger in the middle of the screen and drag the list of emails downward to reveal the search box.

Type the required search terms in the box. Select whether to search the "From," "To," "Subject" or "All" fields by tapping the relevant button below the search box. Press the "Search" button on the keyboard to begin the search.

Spotlight Search

Step 1

Press the iPhone's home button to close any applications that might be running.

Step 2

Swipe your finger to the right on the home screen, revealing the Spotlight Search page.

Enter the terms you want to search for in the "Search iPhone" box at the top of the screen. The relevant items will be displayed in a list.

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