How to Search for Creative Puzzles to Put in a Newsletter

By Jack Ori

Putting puzzles in newsletters can offer a welcome break for readers
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It's often helpful to include a creative puzzle in a newsletter. Puzzles entertain the reader and offer a break from the subject of the newsletter. Many newsletters contain crossword puzzles, but with a little ingenuity you can find other types of creative puzzles. You might even be able to find puzzles related to the theme of your newsletter.

Think about what kind of puzzle you'd like to include in your newsletter. Decide how difficult you want the puzzle to be and what theme you might want the puzzle to use.

Search online for puzzles. Use search terms related to your theme and type of puzzle. For example, if you are looking for word puzzles related to cats, you might use search terms such as "cat word puzzles," "cat word jumbles," "cat crosswords," and so forth. You will probably find free puzzle generators for making and printing puzzles with your own content as well as existing puzzles that are free for use.

If you find premade puzzles that you would like to use, contact the owner of the website by email and ask for permission to use the puzzles in your newsletter. Explain the purpose of the newsletter, and state whether it is a free publication. This will help the website owner decide whether to give you permission to use the puzzles for free.

If you cannot find puzzles that you are happy with or cannot get permission to use the puzzles, visit your local library. Ask your librarian to help you find royalty-free or public domain puzzles. Once you find some puzzles you like, double check with the librarian to ensure that they are free to use. If they are not, write a letter to the publisher of the puzzle asking for permission to use it.