How to Search for a Company by Telephone Number

By Amie Martin

Use the Internet and directory assistance to identify a company by its phone number.
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Do you remember a time before Caller ID when you had to pick up the phone without knowing who was on the other end? While Caller ID now alerts you to the phone number (unless it is blocked or unpublished), it doesn't always identify the name of the caller. Especially in the case of a business calling you, you may want to find out who owns the number before returning the call. Thanks to the Internet, there are simple ways to look up a company by its telephone number.

Launch an online search engine (such as Google, Bing or Yahoo!) in your Web browser. Enter the company phone number--including area code--in the search box. Click "Search." Review the search results and snippets for reference to the phone number you entered and a corresponding company name.

Use an online reverse phone lookup service such as one listed in "Resources." Enter the phone number in the format required by the particular service.

Call "411" for Directory Assistance. The 411 directory is connected to your phone carrier so the number must be listed with that carrier's database in order for it to appear (however, it does not have to use the same phone carrier's service). Each phone carrier is different, but you will be able to choose an automated option for "Reverse Phone Lookup" or connect with an operator and give them the phone number to look up.