How to Search Cell Phone History

by Alisa Herrscher
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Every call you make on your cell phone is tracked and saved into the call history of the phone. Scroll through your call history to save contacts, quickly access the last number you called, or see who called you recently. The call history can also help you keep track of the number of minutes you have used.

Step 1

Access the cell phone menu. On a majority of the models, you can access the menu by selecting the “OK” or “Menu” button. Older cell phones might have you access the recent calls by selecting the “Options” feature.

Step 2

Find the phone call history by selecting "History" or "Call History" option. Some cell phone might give you options for “missed calls,” “incoming calls” and “received calls.”

View the call history by scrolling up and down. The call log should list the date, time and number of each call. Highlight the call you would like to see more details on. The duration of the call should also be listed.


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  • two teens with cell phone. image by Anna Chelnokova from

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