How to Search Call Logs on Your BlackBerry

by Contributor

BlackBerry mobile devices have call logging options that save the details of incoming and outgoing calls in a message list. When you need know the details of the calls you've made, received or missed, you can find them in the call logs of your BlackBerry.

Press the Send key to open your phone. Your phone should light up the display and menu. Use the track wheel to view the menu and press in on the track wheel to select menu items.

Locate the Phone Options menu. Use the track wheel to highlight it and then click to view the options. Find the Call Logging option on the screen.

Click on Call Logging. Now, select Call Log Type and choose from the types of call logs you have designated. Log types are commonly organized into calls per day, with today's calls at the top of the list. Other log types track incoming, outgoing or missed calls.

Scroll up or down the list with the track wheel to select a call log type. Use the "Space" key to move to the top of the list or select the call log you want to view. You have the option of adding, editing or deleting the call log.

Use shortcuts to search call logs. After opening your phone, press the "Alt" key and period key to view the call logs for the outgoing calls. Use the "Alt" key and "3" key to view the call logs for the incoming calls.


  • check Learn the shortcut keys of your BlackBerry. Shortcut keys make it easier for you to search your call logs and use other functions of the phone.


  • close Call logs provide minimal information--unless the phone numbers are saved in your BlackBerry's address book.

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