How to Search the Archives of the Arizona Republic

By Edmund Lukavics

The Arizona Republic stores all non-current articles dating back to Jan. 1, 1999, in its online archives.
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The Arizona Republic, the largest newspaper in Arizona, was founded in 1890 to oppose the favored political views of the time period. The newspaper has continued past its politically motivated origins to report on national, international and local news for more than 100 years. As time progressed and stories continued to accumulate, the Arizona Republic started to keep an archive of past stories, which includes all articles published since January 1999. The archive can be accessed online with the payment of a subscription fee, which ranges from $3.50 to $59.95 based on the subscription chosen.

Step 1

Access the Arizona Republic online archives. See "Resources" for the direct link.

Step 2

Type the keywords of the desired article or topic into the search box and click the "search" button.

Step 3

Choose an appropriate link from the search results to view an archived article.