How to Search for an Address Using a Telephone Number

by Amy McClain
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Several resources are available to aid you in researching phone numbers. It may be hard to believe, but you can find the name and address of an individual person or a business just from a phone number. There are a few exceptions to this of course. Cell phone numbers are typically not available, and neither are phone numbers that people have chosen to have unlisted or unpublished. Otherwise, you can utilize your computer's Internet browser to find the information you need for free.

White Pages

Step 1

Launch your computer's Internet browser and go to ""

Step 2

Type the phone number you wish to research in the "Reverse Phone" field, and click the "Find" button.

View the results displayed on the page. Mobile phone numbers and unlisted numbers may not have address information available.

Any Who

Step 1

Open your computer's Internet browser. Type "" in the address bar.

Step 2

Type the phone number you wish to look up in the field labeled "Find A Person By Phone Number." Click "Find."

View the available information. Cell phone numbers will not return any address information.

Step 1

Use your computer's Internet browser and navigate to ""

Step 2

Type the phone number you wish to look up in the "Reverse Phone" field. Click "Search."

View the name and address information that is displayed below, if it is available.


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