How to Get a Screenshot From a Garmin GPS Unit

By John Lister

Your Garmin GPS may have a built-in screenshot feature.
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You may find it useful to capture the contents of your Garmin device's display as an image file, for example to share a map or route with a friend or to get a record of the list of maps installed on the device. If you still have the manual for your device, you can check whether it has a built-in screenshot feature; if you don't, you can check for it in Settings menu. If your device doesn't have a screenshot feature, you may be able to get a screenshot using PC software.

Built-in Support

Some models of Garmin device have a built-in screenshot feature. If your model includes this feature, you will find a listing for it in the on-screen Settings menu, which you usually access by pressing the "Tools" button and then selecting "Settings," though this may vary by model. If you have a screenshot feature, use the Settings menu to make sure "Screen Shot" is switched on. To use the feature, press the camera icon on the screen.

Built-in Support: Variations

Some models of Garmin device have a built-in screenshot feature that works in slightly different ways. You may find that although you still switch it on via the Settings menu, the option may be listed as "Screen Capture." If you have a model with physical buttons rather than a touchscreen, you may need to press the power button to take the screenshot, having made sure to switch on the screen capture option first.

Extracting Image

When you use the built-in screenshot feature, the image is then saved as a bitmap image file on your device's internal memory rather than on removable media. This means you'll have to connect it to a PC via a USB cable to extract the file. Once you've done this you should be able to navigate the files on the device using File Explorer or through Garmin software, depending on your model. You should find the screenshot in the "screenshots" or "scrn" folder of the device's internal memory.

Xlmage Software

If you do not have a built-in screenshot feature on your Garmin device, you can instead download and install the free Xlmage software (see Resources) on your PC. When you are running the software on the PC, you can get a screenshot from a Garmin device that is connected to the PC. Depending on your model, the software may also allow you to replace the images used for key icons on the device.