How to Get Scratches Off an iPhone

By Avery Martin

The iPhone has a reputation for easily getting scratches on the back of the device. Even when kept in a protective case, dust and other particles tend to get inside the case and scratch up the finish. While some people may recommend a very fine sandpaper to remove scratches, this often results in a dull finish. Restoring the original luster and shine of the back of your iPhone can be accomplished using an everyday household item -- toothpaste.

Step 1

Turn your iPhone off by holding the lock button until the "Slide to Power Off" option appears. Then, slide the slider from left to right.

Step 2

Place a pea-sized amount of toothpaste directly on the iPhone case backing.

Step 3

Buff the back of the iPhone lightly using your microfiber cloth. Concentrate on the areas with scratches first and then proceed to buff the rest of the backing to ensure a consistent look.

Step 4

Wait about two minutes and then spray glass cleaner along the back of the iPhone. Wipe the glass cleaner and toothpaste off using paper towels.

Complete the same process to clean the screen of your iPhone.