Scanning Receipts into Quicken

By Tricia Goss

Retain receipts without piles of paper.
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You use Quicken to streamline and automate your business bookkeeping, so why hang-on to stacks of paper receipts? You can scan receipts onto your computer, upload them into Quicken and attach them as image files to individual transactions. When you need to find out the purchase method used for an item or the date an under-warranty product was bought, you can locate the scanned receipt by looking up the account or transaction.

Scan each receipt to your computer as an individual image file. Save the files in a folder on your desktop or another location that will be easy to locate.

Start Quicken and open your account register. Click "Account Actions" and choose "Register Columns."

Select the checkbox next to "Attachments." Choose the transaction to which you want to attach a receipt.

Click the "Attach" icon, which looks like a paperclip. The Transaction Attachments window opens.

Choose "Image File" in the Attachment Type drop-down list. Click "File" in the Location section and locate the scanned receipt that you want to attach to the transaction. Click "Done" to attach the file.