Scanner Error 6 on an HP LaserJet 3390

By Andy Josiah

"Error 6" indicates a common problem with LaserJet, a brand of dry electrophotographic laser printers from computer technology company Hewlett-Packard. One of such machines is the HP LaserJet 3390, an all-in-one printer that can print, copy, scan and fax documents.

Printer Specifications

Released in 2006, the HP LaserJet 3390 uses laser technology for its printing; it can produce up to 22 pages per minute. The printer is connected to a personal computer using a USB cord, and has an Ethernet RJ-45 port for wired networking. Notably, the scanner of the LaserJet 3390 is the only function of the all-in-one printer that operates in color mode in addition to black and white.

Error 6

Error 6 specifically concerns LaserJet 3390's flatbed scanner. When the problem occurs, the full message, "Scanner Error 6, Turn Off Then On," appears on the control panel of the printer, and means that you cannot operate the scanning functions of the LaserJet 3390.


The first response to the Error 6 problem on the HP LaserJet 3390 is to follow its instructions: turning the device off, then on. Do so until you the scanner bulb goes all the way across the flatbed scanner. Another option is to restore the printer's factory default settings by pressing "Menu" on the control panel, then selecting "Select" and "Restore Defaults." The LaserJet 3390 should restart automatically. Note that restoring the device deletes names and fax numbers associated with one-touch keys and speed-dial codes, and deletes pages stored in the memory.

Technical Support

If the troubleshooting steps do not resolve the Error 6 problem, call HP technical support. In a more extreme case, you may have to ship the defective printer to HP or go to an authorized repair facility.