How to Scan a Signature Via Email

By Jennifer Patterson

Scanning a signature via email requires just a few basic steps.
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Scanning a signature via email can expedite the process of delivering important documents to the recipient. In the past, signatures had to be done via fax or mail. These options usually took more time for the documents to be delivered. Technology has made it possible to stay wherever you are, whether it is your home or office, and deliver signed documents electronically. You, too, can scan your signature via email with a few basic steps.

Read all the documents that require a signature carefully, then create your signature or write your signature on plain paper. Lay each paper individually face down on the glass area of your scanner. Check the manual for your scanner for detailed instructions, as instructions may vary with each manufacturer.

Press the "Scan button," and then preview the document to make sure the contents and your signature are visible. Save your scanned document in the folder of your choice with a image file format such as .bmp, .gif, .jpg, or .png.

Log into your email account, and click on the "New" button. Click on the "Signature" tab, and then click on "Signatures." Under the "E-mail Signature" tab, click on "New."

Choose a name for your signature, and click on "OK." Click on "Insert Picture," then browse for the previously scanned signature or document. Select the document or signature, and click "Insert," then "OK." Add text if necessary to the body of your email, then click on "Send" to send your scanned signature.