How to Scan & Save Photos

by Jay Leon

Computers open a world of possibilities for traditionally developed photographs. If you have print photos that you would like to edit, duplicate or share with others, you can copy them to a computer with a scanner and scanning software. Today's operating systems come with their own scanning programs, and many printers have a built-in scanner as well. The scanning process creates a digital copy of the original photo. You can modify, enhance, print and share digital pictures in virtually endless ways once they have been scanned and saved to your computer.

Turn on the flatbed scanner. If the scanner is part of the printer, turn on the printer. Follow the printer user manual directions to prepare the scanner. This will vary by type, brand and model.

Click the Windows 7 icon to open the "Start" menu. Go to "All Programs" and click "Windows Fax and Scan."

Click "Scan" on the left. Select "New Scan" on the toolbar. When the "New Scan" dialog box opens, click the "Profile" drop-down list and choose "Photo." Windows 7 will display the default configuration for a photo-quality scan.

Review the scanner settings. Make sure the printer/scanner is selected.

Click "Preview" to see what the scan would look like. Edit the scan settings if needed. For example, you can change the output file type or move the slides to adjust the brightness and contrast.

Click "Scan." After the scanning is complete, click "Save As" on the toolbar and save the file under a new name.

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