How to Scan a Registry

By Lysis

Scanreg checks your computer registry.
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Windows provides you with a tool to scan your registry for any corruption or deleted entries. The tool is called "scanreg," and it is run in the Windows command prompt. The software scans each key in the registry and attempts to fix any errors. If the hard disk is corrupted in the location where the Windows registry is saved, scanreg alerts you and moves the files to a safer location on the drive. This tool is simple to use and only requires a few steps.

Click the Windows Start button and select "Run." Enter "cmd" into the text box displayed and then press the "OK" button to open the Windows command prompt.

Type "scanreg/autorun" into the command prompt and press "Enter." This runs the registry checker and uses a backup copy of the registry to restore any corrupted entries. It may take several minutes for the scan to finish, depending on the size of your registry files.

Type "scanreg /fix" to fix any corrupted entries even if no backup exists. This is beneficial for a new computer when you have not created a shadow copy of your registry. Windows attempts to fix the errors during the scan.