How to Scan Pictures & Not Get Watermark

By Greyson Ferguson

Scan images into your computer wiithout watermarks.
i computer image by blaine stiger from

Every scanner is programmed to import the data it sees from the hard copy, such as a document or photograph, that is placed onto the scanner bed. However, if you are using a downloaded program to scan the information you may see watermarks appear on the screen. This is because the program wants to show you what it is like using the program, but not give you a completely accurate image, forcing you to purchase the full-priced software. Tthere is a preinstalled scanning software on your computer that does not imprint watermarks on your scanned images.

Place the document you want to scan onto the flatbed of the scanner, then close the scanner lid.

Click "Start," "All Programs," and choose "Camera and Scanner Wizard." This is a Windows program designed to import content from digital cameras and scanners alike.

Click the "Scanner" option to tell the computer you want to import content from a scanner, not a digital camera.

Select "Preview" and the program scans a low-resolution image of your content. This way you may correct its positioning on the scanner bed, or make any other fixes before importing the high-resolution content.

Click "Scan" and a full-resolution image of the document is scanned into the computer, without a watermark present. Once the document has imported, click "File," "Save," then title the document, choose a location to save the file to, and click "OK" to save.