How to Scan to PC With the HP Laserjet 3015 (4 Steps)

By Steven Symes

The scan to PC option on fhe Laserjet 3015 stores a copy of the scanned document to the computer's hard drive.
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The HP Laserjet 3015 is part of Hewlett-Packard’s all-in-one printer line. Each printer in the all-in-one line can print, scan and fax documents. The Laserjet 3015 is a monochromatic printer, meaning it prints only in black and white. If you need to scan documents or pictures, though, the printer is able to scan in both black and white and color. One of the features of the Laserjet 3015 is the ability to scan documents or photos and send the file to a folder on your PC.

Scanning to PC

Step 1

Turn on your Laserjet 3015 and wait for the printer to finish its warm-up procedures before continuing. Turn on the connected computer and boot up the operating system.

Step 2

Load the documents to be scanned into the Laserjet 3015’s automatic document feeder located at the top of the machine. Make sure the document to be scanned is face down, with the first page of the document on the bottom of the stack.

Step 3

Press the “Scan To” button on the front of the Laserjet 3015. Use the arrow buttons on the machine to select the destination folder on the computer, where the scanned document will be sent.

Step 4

Press the “Start Scan” button. Wait as the document is scanned by the Laserjet 3015. When the document is completely scanned a copy of the image will be sent to the destination folder you chose on the computer.