How to Scan a Paper Into a PDF File

by Matt Scheer

Scanning paper documents in a scanner results in an image file such as a JPG or TIFF. Depending on the document, these files can be very large. This can make them hard to send and they take up a lot of memory on the computer. Converting the document to a PDF is one solution to save room and send the file easily. However, converting the document is sometimes a hassle. Use software to convert directly to PDF in order to save time and space, and to make sharing files easier.


Download or purchase software that converts scanned images to PDF. There are several freeware products available online, or you can purchase a program in most electronic stores. Install the software.


Turn on the scanner.


Open the software and click on the appropriate button to scan a new image. Pick out the scanner name from the list of hardware attached to the computer.


Place the paper facedown on the glass surface of the scanner.


Press "Start" to begin the scan.


Save the file to the computer.

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