How to Scan a Letter Document Into a PDF File

By Brendan O'Brien

Scanning a letter document into a DPF file is extremely easy.
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At times, you may get a hard copy of a letter in the mail or at work that needs to be saved to refer to later or sent to someone with email. Scanning important letters as PDFs is a great way to securely and safely save important documents. With a few steps, you can scan the letter document and save it as a PDF fairly easily and quickly.

Step 1

Put your letter document face-down on the scanner.

Step 2

Open you scanner software on your computer. Find and select the scan option within your printer software. Your software will give you the option for how you want to scan your document. Choose to scan it to a PDF.

Step 3

Select a location for your PDF. A dialog box typically comes up after you choose what type of file you want to scan your document as. This dialog box lets you pick a location on your computer for your new PDF.

Step 4

Hit the scan button on your computer or on your scanner. Once the scan is complete, you will name and save your PDF. You will be able to find your scanned letter document that is now a PDF file in the location that you chose.