How to Scan With an HP OfficeJet 8500 Pro

By Jason Artman

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The HP Officejet Pro 8500 is a multi-function business printer with the ability to print documents and photos, scan, make photocopies and operate as a fax machine. If you have the Officejet Pro 8500, it is likely that you will eventually need to use it to scan a document or photo, perhaps to be sent to a client. The process of scanning a document on the Officejet Pro 8500 is user-friendly and requires only a few steps.

Step 1

Insert a CompactFlash, Secure Digital or MultiMedia Card into the appropriate memory card slot on the front of the Officejet Pro 8500 if you want to save the completed document scan to a memory card rather than a computer. If you are using a computer, skip this step.

Step 2

Open the top lid of the Officejet Pro 8500, and place the original document face-down on the glass so that it lines up with the arrow in the corner of the scanner bed. Close the lid. For multi-page documents, use the automatic document feeder on the top of the printer instead.

Step 3

Push the "Scan" button on the printer control panel.

Step 4

Use the arrow buttons to choose the destination for the completed image file. You may select a memory card, a computer on the network or a program on the computer that the Officejet Pro 8500 is connected directly to. Push the "OK" button after making your selection.

Step 5

Press the "Start Scan" button to scan the document.