How to Scan With an HP F4240

by Jason Artman

Paper documents never last forever, but people want their treasured items such as old letters and photographs to last as least as long as them, if not longer. With a scanner and a good data backup system, that goal is now within reach for most computer owners. With a scanner such as the HP Deskjet F4240, you can create digital copies of items that you want to preserve. Scanning a document with the Deskjet F4240 requires just a few steps, and once you are finished, you can transfer your files to a hard drive for long term storage and email them to friends and family.

Raise the top access panel of the Deskjet F4240. The glass surface below the panel is the flatbed scanner.

Place the paper that you would like to scan on the flatbed scanner. Make sure that the side you want to scan faces the glass. Close the top access panel.

Confirm that the HP Photosmart software is running. If you do not see the green check mark for the Photosmart software in the system tray, launch the software from the "HP Deskjet F4240" folder on the Start Menu.

Push the "Scan" button on the top of the Deskjet F4240. If you have not used the scanner recently, it may require a moment to warm up. After the scanner warms up, a low-resolution version of the scanned paper appears on the computer.

Drag the dotted rectangle on the screen to crop the image until the rectangle surrounds the area of the picture that you would like to appear in the final scan.

Click "Accept" on the computer to perform the final scanning operation and save the image.

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