How to Scan With HP 6310

by Tara Kimball

The HP 6310 All-in-One printer allows you to print, scan, fax and copy with one single machine. Once the printer is connected to your computer, scanning documents takes minutes. Convert any hard copy paperwork into an electronic version for email or archiving purposes. You can use the HP 6310 to scan your family photos to archive them for easy access to share them years from now.

Position the document you want to scan onto the scanner glass. Place the document face down and line it up in the right front corner of the scanner bed. Alternatively, place the document face up in the feeder tray.

Press"OK" in the "Scan To" menu to scan the document to the default application. Press the left arrow key to navigate the menu to select the application you want to use to scan the document. Press"OK" when the proper application appears on the display.

Review the preview image when it appears on your computer's display. Press"Accept" to save the file. Press"Cancel" on the printer's keypad to stop the scanning process if necessary.


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