How to Scan for Duplicate Files

by Sabrina Ashley

Duplicate files may be taking up valuable space on your hard drive. These duplicates may be the result of accidentally installing the same version of a program. A person may also inadvertently copy a file or folder. These duplicate files take up space on the hard drive and adversely affect the performance of your computer. But there is software available that helps you to clean out your hard drive. Some of these software programs are developed specifically to find and delete duplicate files.

Download shareware or freeware like CloneMaster or Check Identity Files. (See Resource box.)

Follow set-up direction and install the program on the hard drive.

Launch the software program. Follow prompts to get software to scan the entire hard drive for duplicate files. Wait for a list of duplicate files to appear.

Click on "Delete" or "Remove" or similar command to remove the duplicate files from the computer.

Confirm removal if asked to do so. Close program.

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