How to Scan Documents to a CD

by Brendan O'Brien

Most scanners come with software that allows you to manipulate how and where your scanned documents will be saved. Use this software and your Windows-based computer to scan documents directly to your CD. This functionality can be useful if you come across important documents that must be kept in in a safe and secure place.

Insert a blank CD in your computer drive.

Turn on the scanner.

Place your document face down on your scanner.

Start your scanner software. Choose what file type you want the scan to be. Most software gives you several options on how you want to save your scan.

Choose the CD drive, if you are given the option, as the place you want to save the scanned document. This will save the scanned document directly on the CD. If you are not given that option, save the document to your desktop.

Hit the scan button. Your scanner software will most likely have a button that starts the scanning process. Wait until the document has been saved to your CD.

Click the Start button in the bottom left corner of your desktop if your scanning software did not let you scan and save the document directly to your CD. Scroll up and click My Computer.

Find the CD icon in the window that appears.

Drag the document you saved in step 5 onto the CD icon. This will save the document to the CD.

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