How to Scan Document From HP C4480

By Silvia Mendes

Open a Broderbund SIG Extension
i Patrick Ryan/Lifesize/Getty Images

Your HP C4480 All-in-One printer is capable of scanning documents. However, the “HP Photosmart” software needs to be installed on your computer before you begin scanning. The “HP Photosmart” software is installed on your computer when you properly set up your HP C4450 printer on your computer. Before scanning, make sure that no memory cards are in the memory card slots.

Step 1

Turn on your HP C4480 printer and your computer.

Step 2

Load the original document on the right front corner of the scanner glass. Face down the printed side of the original document.

Step 3

Press the button close to “Scan/Repair” on your HP C4480 printer. The “Scan/Repair” menu will appear on the control panel display on your printer.

Step 4

Press the button close to “Scan to PC” on your printer. A preview image will appear on your computer screen.

Step 5

Edit the preview image, if needed. Click “Accept” on your computer screen when the preview image is to your liking. The “HP Photosmart” software will open and it will display your scanned document.