How to Scan a Document on the Canon MP530

by Matthew Burley

Canon's MP530 printer is actually an all-in-one printer with the capability to fax and scan documents, in addition to printing them. This function can be useful if you need to digitally share a document with someone, such as through email, when the only copy of the document that you have is a physical one. Once you've connected the MP530 to your computer and installed the software, however, it can be difficult to determine how to scan a document with it. Canon includes a program called MP Navigator as part of your MP530 installation to assist with scanning.

Step 1

Power on the MP530 printer.

Step 2

Lift open the scanner cover, and then place your document face-down on the glass.

Step 3

Launch the MP Navigator program from your computer. This is the scanning application that was installed along with your printer installation.

Step 4

Click the "Scan Photo/Document" button at the top of the window.

Step 5

Click the "Scan" button at the bottom of the window, and then wait for the printer to scan your document.

Click the "Save to PC" button at the right side of the window.


  • You can also scan documents from your MP530 into TWAIN-compatible software, such as Microsoft Word.


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