How to Scan With a Canon MF4370DN

By Cecelia Owens

Scan With a Canon MF4370DN
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The Canon MP 4370DN can act as a printer, fax, copier or, more importantly, scanner. The usage of the scanner is dependent on how the printer is connected to your computer. It can be connected via a USB cord or through an entire wired network, according to the Canon MP 4370DB manual. Learning how to scan your documents with the Canon MP 4370DN printer can help you scan documents from remote locations without physical connection.

Scanning Documents to a Computer Connected by USB Cable

Open the top of the printer to expose the copier and scanner station (See Reference 1, Page 73).

Place the documents, facing down, onto the clear glass station. Make sure that the documents are aligned with the scanning and copying guide.

Press "Scan" on the printer. The "Scan" button is next to the "Copy" and "Fax" buttons.

Press "Start" on the printer to scan the documents.

Scanning Documents from a Networked Computer

Open the top of the printer, and then position the documents (See Reference 1, Pages 73-74).

Press "Scan" repeatedly on the printer.

Start the "Network Scan Gear" application on the network computer by clicking "Start," "All Programs" and "Network Scan Gear."

Click "Scan" on the "Network Scan Gear" application to scan the documents wirelessly.