How to Scan With a BlackBerry

By Andrew Tennyson

Use the Smart Tags app to scan QR codes.
i Nastco/iStock/Getty Images

On BlackBerry devices running the BlackBerry 10 operating system, including the Z10 and Q10, take advantage of the native Smart Tags app to scan QR codes and NFC tags. The Smart Tags app uses your BlackBerry’s camera to scan items. You can also download third-party scanning apps to scan documents, business cards and other physical items.

Step 1

Remove any cases or other accessories that might block your BlackBerry’s camera. The camera lens needs to be completely unobstructed in order to scan items properly.

Step 2

Open the “Smart Tags” app on your BlackBerry device to scan a QR code.

Step 3

Tap the “QR Code” icon in the Smart Tags app.

Step 4

Hold your BlackBerry over the QR code so that all four corners of the code fit onto your screen. Once all four corners are visible, the Smart Tags app automatically scans and interprets the QR code and imports relevant fields so that you can edit and save them.