How to Go From SBCGlobal to Yahoo!

By Angela M. Wheeland

When you cancel your SBC service with AT&T, the company allows you to keep your SBCglobal email address as a courtesy. Because you previously subscribed to the service, AT&T allows you to keep most of your premium Yahoo! services, although your email has limitations. Generally, to view your SBC email, you can import your emails using a secondary program. Because the Yahoo! Mail Plus premium service is available only to AT&T Internet subscribers, you lose the ability to forward your email and import it using a secondary program. To view your SBCglobal email, you must use the Yahoo! Mail website.

Step 1

Visit the Yahoo! homepage at

Step 2

Click the "Mail" button from the left column.

Step 3

Enter your whole email address in the Yahoo! ID field and enter your password in the Password field.

Step 4

Click the "Sign In" button. Yahoo! transfers you to your SBCglobal email inbox.