How to Go From SBCGlobal to Yahoo!

By Angela M. Wheeland

When you cancel your SBC service with AT&T, the company allows you to keep your SBCglobal email address as a courtesy. Because you previously subscribed to the service, AT&T allows you to keep most of your premium Yahoo! services, although your email has limitations. Generally, to view your SBC email, you can import your emails using a secondary program. Because the Yahoo! Mail Plus premium service is available only to AT&T Internet subscribers, you lose the ability to forward your email and import it using a secondary program. To view your SBCglobal email, you must use the Yahoo! Mail website.

Step 1

Visit the Yahoo! homepage at

Step 2

Click the "Mail" button from the left column.

Step 3

Enter your whole email address in the Yahoo! ID field and enter your password in the Password field.

Click the "Sign In" button. Yahoo! transfers you to your SBCglobal email inbox.