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SBC acquired its former parent company, AT&T, in 2005, and then changed its name to AT&T Inc. But the company continues to offer phone features including Call Notes voice messaging service. Call Notes allows callers to leave the individual a message when their calls go unanswered. This feature is offered for an additional monthly fee to AT&T subscribers. Once your voice mail is set up you can check your messages from any phone with no additional fees assessed.

Step 1

Dial "*98" or the voicemail access number at 1-800-225-5668 from you home phone. Enter your temporary password provided by AT&T to begin the setup process. You will be prompted to create a permanent password for your account. Your permanent password should be six to 10 digits long. After updating your password you will be prompted to record a name announcement and a greeting. Once you have completed these steps your message box will be read for use.

Step 2

Dial "*98" from your home phone or 1-800-225-5668 from any phone. Enter your password. Press "1" to start listening to your messages, press "2" to send a message, press "3" to check receipt, press "4" for personal options. In the "listen" or "1" menu, press "7" to delete a message, press "8" to reply to a message, press "9" to save a message, press "4" to replay a message, press "5" for message information including time and date, press "6" to send a copy.

Dial your home phone number and press "*" when your voicemail message begins to play. Enter your password when prompted. Press "1" to listen to your messages.


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