How to Save Videos From YouTube to MP4

by Andrew Smith

YouTube videos can be viewed using a computer or other portable device that is connected to the Internet. You may wish to watch these videos when you are not near an Internet connection, such as when you are taking the bus or train to work. One way you can view them is to save them onto your computer as MP4 files which can be opened using a software program compatible with MP4 files, an MP4 player or a video iPod.

Keep Vid

Click on the URL for the YouTube video, which is found in the address bar at the top of the Web browser. Click the "Edit" category found at the top of the browser. Choose "Copy". The URL is copied.

Visit the Keep Vid website (see Resources).

Click in the empty "URL" box inside the Keep Vid page. Click "Edit" again. Choose "Paste". The YouTube URL is entered in the box.

Click "Download". A window appears inside the browser. Click "Run" inside of the open window. Several download links appear.

Click the "Download MP4" link to save the video.

Vixy Converter

Copy the URL for the YouTube video. Then, go to the Vixy Online FLV converter website (see Resources).

Paste the link inside the empty "URL" text box on the page.

Click on the "Converts To" pull-down and choose "MP4 for iPod/PSP".

Click "Start". The MP4 file is made. A window opens once the file is created.

Click "Save" in the window to save the MP4.

Save Vid

Copy the URL for the YouTube video. Go to the Save Vid website (see Resources).

Paste the URL inside the "URL" box.

Click "Download". Six download links appear.

Click the "MP4" download link to save the video.

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