How to Save a Text File as an HTML

By Scott Stanchak

A text file can be converted to HTML by saving the document.
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You can convert a text file to HTML without using special software. Such a conversion can be done with a pre-installed program on your PC or Mac. The conversion process is essentially like saving a file for the first time. All you'll have to do is add a file extension to it.

Right-click on the text file you want to save as HTML.

Select "Open With" and then "Notepad." If you're using a Mac, the program will be called TextEdit.

Click "File" and "Save As" in the program's navigation bar.

Choose the location you would like to save your new HTML file. Give your file a title in the text field "File name." Don't leave any spaces and remember to add ".html" (without quotes) at the end of the title. In the drop-down box labeled "Save as type" select "All Files." Select "Save."

Minimize Notepad's window. Locate the HTML file you just saved. Right-click on it, select "Open with" and choose the browser of your choice. The file will open as an HTML document.