How to Save Songs on iTunes Onto a Flash Drive

by Kefa Olang
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Using a flash drive to save your iTunes songs is a great way to back up your media files in case your computer runs into problems or crashes. It also can be beneficial for transferring your songs from one computer to another, or from one iTunes library to another. By default, iTunes songs are stored in the iTunes Media folder for easy management. Once you locate this folder, you can save songs on your flash drive with ease.

Step 1

Plug your flash drive into an open USB port on your computer. If you have a large library of songs to back up, make sure your flash drive contains sufficient space.

Step 2

You will want to make sure all the songs in your iTunes library are in one location. That will make transferring all your songs easier. Launch iTunes, click "Edit" and select "Preferences"

Step 3

Click the "Advanced" button in the Preferences box and click the "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library" check box. Click "OK."

Step 4

Click the "File" menu, highlight "Library" and click "Organize Library." Select the "Consolidate files" and "Upgrade to iTunes Media organization" check boxes, to have iTunes organize your songs in the iTunes Media folder. Click "OK" to save your changes and close iTunes. When you make these changes, iTunes automatically transfers any media files in its library and on your computer into the iTunes Media folder, so you don't have to do it manually.

Step 5

Click the "Start" button and click "Computer" to launch Windows Explorer. Double-click the "Users" folder, then your username folder, and double-click the "My Music folder. You should see your iTunes Media folder.

Step 6

Open iTunes if the iTunes Media folder is not in its default location, click "Edit" and click "Preferences." Click the "Advanced" button. The location of your iTunes Media folder is displayed in the "iTunes Media folder location" box. Close iTunes and navigate to the location displayed in the box to view the iTunes Media folder.

Step 7

Click the "Start" button again and click "Computer" to launch Windows Explorer. Locate your flash drive's icon in the removable drives section and double-click it to view the drive's content.

Drag the iTunes Media folder from your computer to your flash drive's window to start the transfer. It may take a while for the files to copy if you have a lot of songs. When the transfer completes, your iTunes song library is successfully copied to your flash drive.


  • If you don't want to copy the entire iTunes Media folder to your flash drive, open it, and drag specific albums, songs and playlists to your flash drive.


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