How to Save to a SIM Card on Motorola Cell Phones

by Amy McClain
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Most Motorola phones that use a SIM card support the capability to store certain information to the card. You can copy contact information to your SIM, giving you the ability to import them later to a new phone. It also serves as a way of safeguarding important names and numbers in the event your phone's memory is wiped out. Saving to the SIM is a simple process regardless of which Motorola device you own, and most SIM cards can store hundreds of entries.

Step 1

Press "Menu" and select "Phone Book." Your address book entries appear.

Step 2

Highlight the name of the contact you wish to save to your SIM card. Press "Menu." A list of options appears.

Step 3

Select "Copy Entries." The Copy screen opens.

Step 4

Highlight "Entries," then press "Change" if you wish to add additional phone book entries. (Choose "Entries" to select more names individually, or select "All to SIM" to select your entire phone book.) Choose "Done" when you have made your selection.

Step 5

Highlight the "To" option on the Copy screen. Choose "Change" and select "SIM Card." Press "Done."

Select "Merge" if prompted, then choose "Yes" on the confirmation screen.


  • Some devices, such as those operating on the Android platform, have a "Manage SIM Card" option in the Applications list. Use the "Export Contacts" icon to save contacts to your SIM in these devices.


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