How to Save Phone Numbers on an iPhone

by Chris Anzalone

Apple's iPhone allows you to enjoy music, videos and a wide array of applications, but it also functions just like any other mobile phone, with a virtual keypad, voicemail functions and an address book. The iPhone address book simply uses the name "Contacts," and you can add phone numbers to this list at any time, building your collection of personal contacts whom you can then call by tapping any contact's name on your screen.


Tap the “Contacts” icon on your iPhone menu. By default, this application appears on your second page of applications, so you will need to swipe your finger to the left in order navigate from the main Start menu to the second page. The “Contacts” app looks like a brown, animated address book featuring a silhouetted head and shoulders.


Tap the “+” button at the top of your screen, directly to the right of the words “All Contacts.” This will take you to your “New Contact” screen.


Fill out the contact information in the white fields provided. When you tap your finger on any field, a virtual keyboard will appear in the lower half of your screen, allowing you to enter relevant information. For example, if you tap the field at the very top of the screen, indicated by the words “First Last,” a keyboard will appear which you can use to enter the name of the person whose phone number you want to insert. Tap the field directly below to enter the phone number. Using subsequent fields, you can also include the person’s email address, home address, website address and other information, but these fields are all optional.


Click the “Done” button in the upper right corner of your screen after you finish filling out the information for your new contact. Your information will be saved in your main contacts list, which you can access at any time by tapping the “Contacts” app.


  • check If you ever encounter a phone number on your iPhone, whether in the text of an email or on a web page in your Safari web browser (just to name a couple of examples), instantly add it to your contacts list. Just press down on the phone number with your finger, and continue to press down until a list of options pops up from the bottom of your screen. Tap the button that reads “Create New Contact” and then just enter a name to correspond with your new phone number.

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